Location: Action Area III, Newtown.

Client: Elita Garden Vista Project Private Limited (a Sureka Group J.V)

Project Type: Shopping centre, Banquet Hall

Site Area: 1.2 Acre

Built Up Area: 1.3 lakh Sqft

Status of Project: Under Construction

Scope of BA: Architectural Design Service

Building Height: B+G+9

The building with a multipurpose use has been planned with great attention to every function it houses. The basement is accommodating the utility areas and parking. The ground and first floor houses the shopping centre. The shopping centre has its own appeal through a sprawling plaza in front, double height entrance and full height glazing attracting customers.

The banquet above has got separate entry point with space kept to house gathering in the front, leading to a double height 1000 sqft lobby housing lifts taking invitees to directly to banquet floor. Next seven floors houses 172 nos of rooms qualifying three start accommodation rules set by GOI.